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♫ keep me safe inside

Im 18 years old and i LOVE ANIME and Manga! no im not from japan im not even Japanese im Irish and Italian ^__^! so why the username? b/c its my dream to go there ^___^! im a fangirl of Many anime guys (Sasuke,Wolfram Zuko, Shinji, Yuki, fuuma, and the list goes on and on, but if you couldnt tell yet im a MAJOR MAJOR sasuke fangirl lol XD and also a big SasuSaku fan, yuuram fan and Ikarishipper =). There are Characters i love and there are charters i strongly dislike or have no opinion on ^^;;;;; IM also random and i can be moody at times ^^;;;; as of now im working at a no kill Animal shelter and i tend to talk about that alot heh Favorite Movies right now 30 days of Night I am Legend Cloverfield Rent Favorite Anime Right now Kyo Kara Maoh Pokemon Loveless Naruto Junjou Romantica My Journal is FRIENDS ONLY but if you'd like to be a friend then comment and everything and im sure i'll add you back ♥! im very Opinionated and i do get defensive over certain things so ya you've been warned lol XD .

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